June 09, 2008

Half handed

I half handed in my notice today.

I've got eight full weeks to hide out in air conditioned classrooms and cut the stress with rising levels of excitement / fun with students [it's a nice job, in small doses] as the countdown goes on. But I only half handed in my notice, as I'll continue working 10 x 80 minute classes a week, enough to ensure a living and keep my health insurance.

Income will be supplemented with proofreading, which should be another 15 hrs a week, and when that goes up the classes will come down. This is not a big deal for you, but I've been working hard, saving up, and plotting this for ages. I pissed away my 20s and beyond doing almost what I wanted, and then I worked hard from 33 to 38 so that I could get to this point, which is a small one, but large enough for me, being able to order my time as much as possible to my own design and still make a living.

So, posts may be light for a while, as I try and fit 60+ hrs of work into the week, or else they might tumble out in a rage.

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