June 22, 2008

Misdirected anger

There's man I sometimes meet who's always angry. He's a not a young man, but about my age, and so the anger always seems misplaced. I think he should be angry at himself more and at the world less. To expect things to be different at age 40 seems naive, and it strikes me that his anger comes from either disappointment or hope, neither of which seem entirely appropriate. We're primates, playing primate games. As such it's essential that low status members of the group that screwed over while high status ones get the honey.

Nothing is wasted - ants consume a dead gecko

Look at this another way. Someone talked the other day and said it was terrible that fishermen caught sharks, cut off the fins, and dumped the bodies back in the sea, all to satisfy the Chinese craving for shark fin soup. Two points, the glib one first. First, they're killing sharks, which I imagine is a great relief to every other species in the vicinity. Second, a dead shark falls to the bottom of the ocean and is wasted to humans, but not to other life. Nothing is wasted. Other animals nibble at the corpse, and it rots, which is all good. Like people who frame environmental questions in any way other than trying to save humans, I think to worry about the 'waste' of dead, but not endangered, animals is misguided. Other things will always eat them.

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