May 10, 2008

Mishima in leather

At 16 Mishima receives a letter from his father:

I hear that some high and mighty writers speak of you as a genius, or precocious, or some kind of deviate, or just unpleasant. I think it's high time you took stock of yourself.

"Most writers are perfectly normal in the head and just carry on like wild men; I behave normally but I'm sick inside." [Mishima in conversation, 1960s?]
This morning I handed over the money for a new scooter, a Yamaha GTR FI 125, and almost at once had doubts. Had hoped to pay and get the paper work done fast, so I could ride into the hills and let the thrill counter any regret, but have to wait until Monday [now Sat] to pick it up.

Can't understand folk who get a thrill when spending money; unless it's other people's cash I've no interest in the sport.

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