May 09, 2008

Don't ask

A monk asked Zen Master Kuangguo of the Luohan Monastery, "After you have passed away, if people should ask 'Where has the Master gone?, what shall I say?" The Master said, "In future, when you come across some enlightened Masters, discuss this question with him, you might learn something." The monk asked, "Who are the enlightened masters?" Kuangguo replied, "The enlightened would not have asked this question."
- Recorded Dialogues of Zen Master Kuangguo of Luohan, from Jinge Record of the Transmission of the Lamp
Am supposed to be deciding on a replacement for my death-trap motorcycle, but knowing nothing am just trawling forums and will choose whatever acceptable machine looks best. Am gearing up for the inevitable post-purchase sense of emptiness and regret, although I may be surprised when I take it out for a ride in the country. It will cost around US $2,000, maybe less if I get a cash discount and something for the death-trap. It will be the largest purchase that I've ever made. I'm 38 years old.

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