May 31, 2008

The Book of Disquiet, text 134

I finally managed to get my permanent residency visa application in on the last day of the three-month deadline. It'll take another one to three months to process, and then I should get a little card that means I'm no longer tied to a job and can pretty much do as I please. A decisive shift in the current balance of terror between myself and my employer. And so the 50+ hr weeks are to get the f*** you money to back up the visa and put independence in my back pocket. After 10 yrs it'll be good to be free in Taiwan.

More from Pessoa.

One's life should be so arranged that it remains a mystery to other people, so that those who know one best in fact know one only as little as anyone else, only from a slightly nearer vantage point. That is how, almost without thinking, I have designed my life, but such was the instinctive art I put into it that even to myself my individuality is not entirely clear-cut or precise.

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