May 01, 2008

Mario many-worlds traffic death

What I lack in logic I often make up for in certainty, it's another one of my winning qualities. I get the idea of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics about as well as any other innumerate liberal arts graduate. My main objection is where would it all go? But that's not the point of this post.

I had a minor traffic accident the other night. I wanted to make a turn and a car backed up and hit my motorcycle, making it / me topple over into the road. Fortunately the important lights were red, so it wasn't into the path of a vehicle, but still I felt the rush of adrenalin, boosted by the fumes from the gasoline that leaked out of the tank. The sense of death being just a few seconds / centimeters away, and how many times I've been in situations like that. For all that my life is or is not, there've been many occasions when things should've gone a lot worse. Hit by a car and falling down in a small pool of gasoline, it felt like death streaming around me, as if, in most other other worlds, something terrible had happened.

It made me think of this video:

Which is what? It's someone doing a level of a Mario game with all the failed attempts / dead Marios overlayed. Scroll down this until So what’s this about quantum physics? for more details , and here's where I originally came across it.

My motorcycle is 20 yrs old and in very bad repair. I'm going to buy a new scooter and pay attention when I drive.

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