July 03, 2008

Waiting to be unraveled

Zen line from p165 of The Botany of Desire: the infinite is in the finite of each instant.

Now this is Zeno's paradoxes and the infinities that are nested between integers, curled up in the most ordinary of moments and things, waiting to be unraveled. The only problem being that there's no time for us to explore it - we can only get so far before turning back or dying.

The book was OK, and well-written and all, but kind of empty, with few stand out lines or ideas. Or maybe I'd already reached the same conclusions, and wanted to be taken further.

At least one mistake that came out glaring, when Pollan claims that peyote is 'the flower of a desert cactus' [p169], rather than the cactus itself, which contains the active ingredient in question. When I read it struck all the more because yesterday, for the first time in two years, one of my peyote flowered, as shown above.

I may dry and smoke the flowers and see what happens, but expect little more than a cough.

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