July 22, 2008


Bill Burroughs & music: Words of Advice for Young People

In the long run, for most people, there's no choice - you earn less, you spend less. The question is whether you cushion the change by cutting back early, accustomed to the lower standard of living and having $$$ in reserve.

I see disaster looming and at the same time remain fairly stoic. I've been through bad things that lasted for years, so I know when I'm being lucky, and all the times I asked for trouble that never came along.

I step off the hedonic treadmill often, to keep a sense of wonder.

Material progress is not guaranteed, there are discontinuities and backslides, and countries become poor, just like people.

I see disaster looming, but in general, not specifically. For me this long and busy summer is almost done and I'll be free in 2.5 weeks, Yuki back in 2.5 days, and various good things set in motion. But I could lose everything in an instant on the road.

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