July 24, 2008

Take something from me

One of the good things about summer classes is all the cute high school / college students. It helps if there are people I want to please, it means I keep doing my best. In idle moments I'll stand aside and select favorites or, a new thing, cut and paste these into one ideal. The way I do this is to focus on the one essential appealing element from each favorite - say the eyes, the pants, the wit, the enthusiasm, the legs, the ass, the chest.

Another, more advanced game, is to move beyond the VIPs and take something from every woman in the room. So what's best about this person who otherwise has little overall interest or appeal to me, what can they add to the whole?

Now, what's best about me, what would I add to the ideal man that some woman was constructing from a roomful of guys? It'd probably be my watch.

What would someone take from you?

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