August 23, 2008

Busted rhythms of limited interest

"Wealth is passed down from generation to generation, you can't get rid of wealth. Rich is some shit you can lose with a crazy summer and a drug habit."
Chris Rock
I wrote a post entitled Manumission a few months ago, before this summer of lost IQ, declining health and massive opportunity costs really kicked in, and now only five days to go until everything becomes more human, In the middle of the summer I finally got my permanent residency, so I can do anything to make money that's legal, which opens up a whole arena of things that I don't want to do, but also the possibility of functioning independent of a boss, which is key. Although my class hours will fall way down, as desired, but I'm lucky the remaining ones are all in the evening. It greatly reduces the opportunities for mischief inherent in being able to start drinking at noon. I spent my 20s and early 30s coloring outside the lines, and am happy to set myself up within strict limits.

Still, no idea how people cope with a long career of 9 - 5 with a commute at each end and continual debt. It's been interesting to watch myself deteriorate, but not a lot of fun, and I never want to work like this again, 50 - 60 hrs a week on projects not of my choosing. Still, I've got $$$ in the bank for the rest of the year, and that's always good. F*** you $ beats possessions every time.

The main thing is to get my health back into condition, so more cooking rather eating out, more exercise beyond bike riding. Basically back to the paleoconservative plan of veg / fruit/ meat - low / no carbs - and short bouts of hard exercise interspersed with frequent, low level activity. Living like a caveman again, letting the system right itself.

With regard to exercise, I got bored with my regular free weights routine. Too many programmed actions that isolate muscle groups rather than giving a workout that mimics real actions. To keep things fresh, the next phase of hefting metal disks on steel poles with be based around these sledgehammer routines. I haven't bought a sledgehammer but just took the weights off one end of a regular EZ curl barbell, and I don't use anything to pad the heavy end. Certain elements of the routine will change after I've had my first accident, but the sense that a false swing might cause intense pain / lasting damage is a good way to keep attention on form.

Decline is inevitable, so you have to keep moving just to stay the same, but add a little more effort, a little more smartly, and gains can actually be made, at least terms of learning, strength, performance and finances, if not my face, which has already moved well from the boyish to the characterful phase of its existence, aka the Dirty Old Man.

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