August 03, 2008

08-09 UK tour dates

Only one more week of this ridiculous, self-inflicted schedule. Essentially 60 hours a week, hence the reduced posts. But things will ease up somewhat after August 8th, and much more so at the end of the month, when I'll only be teaching in the evenings.

The exhilaration that comes with working hard and like a good machine wears off pretty fast, although at least the job isn't monotonous in the details - I can do what I want in class, and this summer has seen a lot of good students who repay all my efforts with their own. And there's $$$ in it.

The next big thing is my trip back to the UK, the first in several years. No tickets have been bought yet, but the provisional dates are December 20th until January 10th, with the bulk of the time being spent with my folks in Devon, and a few days in London at the end. For the few who might be interested in hooking up for food / drink, email me nearer the time.

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