August 30, 2008


A time lapse study of inky cap mushrooms by Kent Loeffler, via the Cornell Mushroom Blog, which contains a much larger [and better] video of the same and an explanation of the autodigestion process at play. The former leads to the Cornell Plant Pathology Lab, which presents yet another career path I never had the chance to consider.

There are so many ways of being alive, as the inky caps and plant pathologists make clear. Yesterday was the last day - 8:30am to 9pm - of my summer schedule, and I'm now on full release, only teaching for two or three classes in the evenings from now on, doing proofreading when I want, and generally in a position to master my own time and system. The elation has yet to kick in, but I expect the number of posts here to finally pick up after the three month lull, and that will make me happy.

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