April 24, 2008

Rococo aloha

I work from Monday to Friday, but I work long hours, 50 last week. The point being that from Monday to Friday I wear dark jeans and relatively subdued short-sleeved shirts and plain black T-shirts. On the weekends and holidays I go through my wardrobe and always end up with the same thing, old Levis and Hawaiian shirts. I know it's somehow wrong, but coming from a cloudy country [England], to wake up in the tropics [Tainan is just south of the Tropic of Cancer], I a) feel duty bound to look the part, and b) just plain like it. Here's Mishima 'designing' his home:

As he explained to his horrified architect. "I want to sit on rococo furniture wearing Levi's and an aloha shirt; that's my ideal of a life-style."

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