April 18, 2008

The isolation facility

Altered States, very loosely based on Lilly's The Scientist

Despite his smile, John C. Lilly isn't a very funny writer, at least, not intentionally.
He [note: Lilly writes his autobiography in the third person] disguised his true motivations for using LSD-25 in a research proposal "to see its effects on dolphins".
Later, as he becomes addicted to ketamine, he passes out in a swimming pool and almost drowns. His wife [Toni] and friends talk to him about quitting the chemical.
After several long negotiations [from his hospital bed] he agreed not to use it. [... However,] John felt that he had not sufficiently explored all the parameters of ketamine. He decided to do additional experiments on its long-term effects. For a period of three weeks he gave himself injections every hour of the twenty-four hours. He did most of this work in the isolation facility. He was not aware that Toni knew what he was doing.

Related note: Happy 65th birthday LSD, with the first accidental trip taken on April 16,1943, by Dr Hofmann, above, still alive and kicking at 102 this year.

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