September 07, 2008

Why I am so chaste

I think if I worked in an office I'd be far more lecherous and alarming than I am, far more prone to obsession and liable to lose my bearings if an attractive young woman struck up a friendly conversation. Yet because my job - teaching adults English - puts me in classes of mostly women from 16 to 40 there is a high level of ambivalence that goes with any attraction or appreciation, because someone else with something else will always be along a moment later. This summer especially had all these cute young things who were smart and enthusiastic and appeared to get my jokes and the overall way that I like to get things done, and it was gratifying that I fell for no-one and not once thought of doing anything rash, at least, no more rash than the general run of ill-considered actions that I consider far too long but rarely carry out.

Like I wrote a few posts back, the main attraction of the young folk, beyond the shallow cuteness, is a) their obvious, relative health, and b) that they haven't yet f***ed-up in many ways beyond repair. My attractions, if I have any, are going to be much more contrived.

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