February 19, 2008

You can make that choice

Will Self interviewed on walking and attaining the hunter-gatherer mindset

I think the only thing I can do is to try and persuade people to walk. Once you walk, it starts to fall into place. [...] A Zen‑like state of absorption into physical geography. Because if you are solely concerned with orientation and movement, then the so‑called higher faculties don't have a lot to do. There isn't a lot of room. You're not tormented by what the Germans call the "earworm" gnawing away at you, or the resentment you had toward the guy at the party in 1985 who spilled the drink on you. That goes after a few miles. And I think then we're probably back in the hunter-gatherer mindset. What I'm saying is, you can be a hunter-gatherer. You can be a hunter-gatherer now. Anybody here in Manhattan, or in any major city, can make that choice to be a hunter-gatherer.
Busy with a stack of proofreading after the new year break, but want to post something. The above really ties in with lots of other things on diet, exercise and consciousness, but for the moment it'll have to stand on its own. At a loss at what to tag it. Toying with some variation of 'cosa nostra', our thing, which I think covers the ill-defined goal of general mental and physical well-being, but for now will make do with 'health', and return to this topic at the weekend.

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