February 29, 2008

MP3 autodidact

Took this photo the other day. It was a torn and faded notice stuck to the side of an old house. The character on the left means 'open' and the one on the right means 'whole' or 'complete'.

When I'm doing housework, grocery shopping or riding my bike I hate being left alone with my thoughts. No doubt I ought to cultivate the Zen of such actions - an empty-headed, ego-less perfection - but I still prefer to listen to things.

The DIY Scholar is a good site that rounds up the 'best' free classes and courses available online [the 'best of page' is actually here], with lots of click explore and download. On a related note, links to some Niall Ferguson talks with a great picture that's mostly bright yellow will be posted tomorrow. Things to look forward to.

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