August 11, 2011

The trouble with commitment

whistler - nocturne in black and gold [click image for huge]
Many investors will not sell anything at a loss because they don't want to give up the hope of making their money back. Meanwhile, they could be making money somewhere else.


Will Finn said...

i enjoy this blog a lot. i don't see people commenting here, but it's difficult to tell if that's because it's too much "off the beaten path" for most people, or if your posts are concise enough to defy comment.

the eclectic nature of the topics, images and quotes makes it particularly enjoyable.

in any case, it's more interesting than most...

carry on

adeeplust said...

Thanks - am traveling at the moment (Slovenia), but will post more when I get home. Comments are extremely rare, but it`s nice to know someone is reading.