October 09, 2009

Return of the demon dog

Blood's a Rover has just been published, but I'll wait and order it for Xmas. I'm excited, as the first two parts blew things apart and created a world to inhabit.

I also like James Ellroy the man a lot, because he seems committed and delivers. Below is a great interview with him from earlier this year with a very game Sarah Weinman. It's available in one part at her site [link in name], bit she's suggested that it's up for a limited time only, so I'll host it here until cease and desist. Ellroy's sharing the stage with Colin Harrison, who I don't know, but they make a good study in contrasts. The audio is a little poor

I think I sometimes get like Ellroy when I go out and meet people and get drunk, a kind of lunatic intensity applied to broadly indefensible positions. I can't complain about this, as there's no arguing with their experience - How I appear to be is the reality of how I am to others.

This is how James Ellroy appears to be:

Finally, here's the demon dog himself doing a straight to camera promo for the book in hi-def.

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