June 01, 2009

Ways of seeing

One of the most fascinating aspects of the birth of a new science is the new language it creates, allowing us to casually converse about ideas and issues that we were struggling to describe before.
Aside from the obvious sensory disarrangement, the main component of the psychedelic experience for me is a shift in perspective, a way seeing familiar things in a different light. One other way to do this is to read / listen as widely as possible. For example, you can go into a restaurant and trip out on:
  • The taste, smell and texture of the food.
  • The sense memories the meal engenders.
  • The provenance of each ingredient.
  • The chemical processes involved in their preparation.
  • The physical processes of eating and digestion.
  • The nutritional content of the food.
  • The social dynamics between the people in the restaurant.
  • The financial side of the business.
  • How the place fits into the neighborhood.
  • ...and so on.
All these things are floating around, different ways to talk about the same thing, and the richness of the experience seems to be in sometimes surrendering to one view and letting it take you as far as it can, and other times being easily distracted, taking a more comprehensive look at aspects that you mostly ignore.

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