March 21, 2008

Hard, and then harder

When I first came here I was the typical English teacher, only interested in $ and fun. Well, interested in $, but not that interested in working for it, so I made some and mainly went for the fun, all of which was unhealthy.

I was not out hiking or learning tai-chi. There are reasons why I look like I do.

Anyway, a few years ago I started working hard, and then harder. I saved a lot. It felt good. I have tendency to get stuck in loops of behavior, and they can be either good or bad, but the one sure thing is that I'll ramp up the loading and rotations until I've got the mania of falling down stairs with my pants on fire while spinning plates and playing with a yo-yo. None of which, I should add, I do with grace or even base ability, but I get by and kid myself with raw enthusiasm.

So...I have the tendency to push myself too far and to like it right up until the point when it's no fun anymore, and then to keep hovering just on the wrong side of that line too long, until my face begins to numb.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that although my PC's back and running well I've got myself too busy with teaching and proofreading for this at the moment, but that could and should change if only I can master time.

The next post - which has been sitting half written for days - should be a semi-attack on John Gray, whose Straw Dogs is very good and is supposed to keep appearing here, but rarely does. Here's the last paragraph:
Other animals do not need a purpose in life. A contradiction to itself, the human animal cannot do without one. Can we not think of the aim of life as being simply to see?

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