January 27, 2008

The User Illusion, part four

We have to face the fact that we are far more than we believe ourselves to be; that we have far more resources than we perceive; that we leave our mark on more of the world than we notice. p359
Riding my bicycle late at night and choosing small lanes and alleys for the sake of safety, darkness and interest, a peaked woolen cap pulled low to obscure my face. I work with people in a classroom and at the end I don't want to see any more, but I also don't want to be seen. My face is not the kind that reassures. I have a look that's indecent, like a long, drawn out crime. When people see me they know there's something amiss.

And they're right, body language giving the game away, even as I intend to behave, not yawn, grimace or leer.
The unconscious is not hidden to anyone except the individual who hides from himself ... Other people know more about us than we know ourselves. p151
I was in a restaurant on the second floor, looking out at the street. People walking by, doing nothing, automatic, but closely observed, the jerks and the scratches and the coughs and the looks.

The panopticon was always here, not so much invented as discovered, keeping active streets safe at all hours.

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